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K Blick is an artist based in Portugal and London. In dynamic abstract baroque compositions, with quick colourful brushstrokes and a vivid colour palette, K skillfully reimagines mythologies from around the world, challenging the prevailing notion of human superiority over animals and nature. At first glance, the paintings might look like an abstraction of the natural world, but in each piece, like an allegory, there is a hidden story that unfolds when you take a closer look. Through her captivating artworks, she subverts the traditional hierarchy, prompting viewers to question and reconsider our relationship with the natural world. In her ongoing series, ‘Prometheus Stole the Fire from Zeus and gave it to Animals and not Humans,’ presented in ‘turning tables’, she rewrites the myth of Prometheus. In the original story, Prometheus is a titan who moulded humans out of clay and gifted them with fire. Questioning whether this makes humans superior or simply crueller, K imagines an alternative scenario where Prometheus gave fire to animals instead. Through the iconography she employs, fire emerges as a powerful symbol, representing power. What would have happened if animals instead of humans had been given that kind of power? Talking to each other, each work in this series tells a different part of the story. By challenging the assumed hierarchy, she highlights the instinctive protection of nature displayed by animals and urges us to reconsider our impact on the environment and the exploitation of animals. In her artwork, K aims to emphasize the delicate balance of nature and shed light on the enduring presence of these stories throughout history, without assigning blame. Her exploration of mythology and history allows her to challenge the prevailing human-centric perspectives and narratives that have dominated our understanding of the world. By highlighting the significance of animals and their inherent connection to nature, she invites us to reconsider our relationship with them and the environment.



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